Sailing Through Time: Come Aboard The Ginny Marie at Maker Faire Long Island!

When you head over to Maker Faire Long Island on Saturday, June 8th, among the modern science and technology (and some futuristic tech like lightsabers) there will be one example of old world technology. It’s a bit of engineering that changed the world in a myriad of ways and led mankind to new places they never dreamed of before. You can say, it’s how we used to boldly go to explore strange new worlds.

No, it’s not the Starship Enterprise but there is a Captain.

Rigging on the Ginny Marie – No winches here. It’s all done by hand.

His name is Captain Brian Murphy and his ship is The Ginny Marie, a 50-foot schooner berthed in Port Jefferson Harbor just a short stroll on a short pier in Harborfront Park, where Marker Faire Long Island happens to be taking place.

An official Maker of the event, The Ginny Marie Schooner will be open to explore from 10am until 1pm that day for adventurers of the old-school ilk. Plus, Captain Murphy has donated two tickets for a weekday excursion trip to be raffled off at the faire! Don’t miss this unique maritime adventure! (We might even have a pirate or two aboard!)

Pirates on board!

About The Ginny Marie: She is a 50’ William Atkin topsail schooner based on a 1920s design and built in New England over 20 years. Come aboard during the Maker Faire and immerse yourself in Old World sailing! Visit the Ginny Marie while at dock from 10 am – 1 pm and book an excursion from 1 pm onwards.

Maker Faire Long Island is being held on Saturday, June 8th in Port Jefferson. Get your tickets here.

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