2024 Maker Faire Long Island Makes a Splash in Port Jefferson With 7th Annual Gathering

This past Saturday, people made their way over to Port Jefferson for the 7th Maker Faire Long Island on June 8th. Taking place in Harborfront Park between the red Village Center building and the Long Island Explorium, which hosted the event, hundreds gathered to gawk at Star Wars characters, robots, science projects, crafts, jewelry, artists, engineers, and performers of all kinds.

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According to organizers, Maker Faire is a gathering of “fascinating, curious people who enjoy learning and who love sharing what they can do.” They call it the Greatest Show (& Tell) on Earth.

Scroll down for pics from the 7th Maker Faire Long Island.

Cosplayer @lilipopecosplay as Rey Skywalker.
Princesses with Powertools! www.reinventedmagazine.com
Mandalorian Mercs Costuming Club Falco Clan member with the Sabre Guild Endor Temple Jedi.
Younglings practice their lightsaber skills.
Hedgehog Makes (www.hedgehogmakes.com) 3D printer. Austin Dube, owner, with jason Ryan, @solar3dp.
A maker made arcade game.
Pirates of a different era collide at Maker Faire Long Island.
A robot maker works on his machine.
L to R: Sebastian Guadalaupe-Pena David Guo, and Dr. Liu Chin-Tangfrom the Brookx Rocketry Team.

Musical drum performance by Umisora Taiko – Follow on IG @umisorataiko.


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