Cosplayers, Comics, & More! Cradle-Con Kicks Off Con Season on Long Island

Cradle-Con, the first major multi-day con of 2024 on Long Island kicked off on May 18th and there were creators, vendors, games, and cosplayers galore. Hundreds of people packed into the Cradle of Aviation museum on Saturday, with attendees thrilled to a multitude of people in costume roaming around the halls, retro video games set up for free play on the second floor, comic book artists live sketching, and vendors selling everything from pins and pillows to comic books (lots and lots of comics) and original art pieces.

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There was something for every genre of fan as the Long Island TARDIS was available for free photo shoots and the Sabre Guide Endor chapter was giving lightsaber lessons.

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See below for our photo gallery from Cadle-Con 2024 on Saturday, May 18th:

Cosplayer @SummytheBunny playing Harley Quinn… on stilts!


Attendees had plenty of vendors to choose from at Cradle-Con, especially comic book dealers.


Mr. & Mrs. Vader
Mr. & Mrs. Vader (or is it Mr. & Mrs. Skywalker?) and their travelling Imperial officiant.
The @NYFantasticFour group at Cradle-Con. They call themselves “a group of dedicated cosplayers that are a positive part of the cosplay community.”
The Long Island TARDIS
Long Island’s very own TARDIS! Like the real TARDIS you never know where Doctor Who’s space-time vehicle will pop up! Find it at @longislandtardis
The Iron Giant by @angel_ta2
Inkmaster @angel_ta2 is also an accomplished robot cosplayer and builder. He made this awesome Iron Giant statue.
Heather Antos
Marvel Comics Editor Heather Antos. Antos co-created the Star Wars comic book character Doctor Aphra. She is a comic book editor, writer, and illustrator.
Keith Williams
Comic book Illustrator Keith Williams is known for his work on The Phantom. He has also drawn Superman, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer, The Avengers and more.
Zeea Adams
Zeea Adams is an illustrator known for her line of Voodoo Doll art. Fun fact: Zeea is the daughter of colorist extraordinaire Cory Adams and legendary artist Neal Adams.
Zeea Adams’ voodoo doll illustrations.
Tom Cook has been an animator on a number of your favorite classic TV cartoons including Challenge of the SuperFriends, Scooby Doo, Thundarr the Barbarian, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe, She-Ra Princess of Power and more!
Quentin Salgado travelled to Cradle-Con from Connecticut. Here Salgado shows off the Star Wars patches on his jacket.
Star Wars cosplayers including the 501st Legion Empire City Garrison and @lilipopecosplay (dressed as Princess Leia).
Like a true Mandalorian, Ariel – who came out from Queens to be at Cradle-Con – was never seen without his helmet.
Saber Guild Endor Temple member, Evan Hillel, from Plainview, showed off his lightsaber skills on this unfortunate clanker.
A member of the Saber Guild Endor Temple constructed this gonk droid.
The power droid even had working ports to charge your iPhone!
A view from above. A portion of the show floor at Cradle-Con.
People enjoyed free play retro arcade games at Cradle-Con.
Just one of the elaborate cosplayers at Cradle-Con.
David, from Far Rockaway, and Daisy, from Brooklyn, cosplay as Captain America and the Winter Soldier.
So many ways to go back in time at Cradle-Con but none (except maybe the TARDIS) beats Doc Brown’s DeLorean from Back to the Future. Always a hit attraction.