Five Makers You Will Meet At Long Island Maker Faire in Port Jeff on June 8th

Called “The Greatest Show and Tell on Earth,” Maker Faire Long Island returns to Port Jefferson on Saturday, June 8th for its seventh year, showcasing creativity and innovation since 2015. Visitors can expect to experience a variety of interactive exhibits and performances, including innovative robots, kinetic art, fire sculptures, and virtual reality ocean exploration. Last year’s event saw over 90 Makers and more than 2,000 participants at the Long Island Explorium, Village Center, and Harborfront Park.

While so many Makers come from all over to Port Jefferson to be a part of Long Island Maker Faire every year, we wanted to highlight a few of the artisans, cosplayers, and builders you will meet.

Warrior Faerie Jewelry

Laurel Stewart creates unique whimsical jewelry inspired by nature, folklore, and her Celtic heritage. her wearable art is made form a variety of materials including crystal, glass, and upcycled materials. Stewart’s handmade jewelry business is called Warrior Faerie.

“I believe in self expression through art as well as fashion, and I seek to create wearable art that helps people find a sense of joy and whimsy in everyday life,” Stewart told Inclusivity is important to Stewart so all of her necklaces are made with large clasps that are more accessible for people with disabilities and fine motor skill issues

“Being a maker allows me to express my creativity in a way that can be shared with others,” she added. “The pieces I make go on to be a part of someone else’s unique sense of style and expression. I am honored to be a part of the 2024 Long Island Maker Faire, and I hope to inspire others with the magic of art and community!”

FIRST Long Island Robotics

This non-profit all volunteer organization administers and hosts over 20 FIRST Robotics Competitions annually for school robotics teams across Long Island. FIRST Robotics will be at the Maker Faire and according to a representative of FIRST Long Island Robotics who we spoke with they will have an Information tent where people can learn about their organization and the programs they support, including scholarship programs for budding droid makers. They plan to have five teams competing at Long Island Maker Faire as well from their different programs, gaming areas, and obstacle courses. Come down to see real live robots in action! Fun Fact: FIRST starts for For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology.

Brookhaven National Lab Maker’s Club

Staff, guests, and users at Brookhaven National Lab make amazing things and the Lab’s Maker’s Club features innovation and experimentation across the spectrum of science, engineering, art, and craft. At the Long Island Maker Faire you can visit scientists from Brookhaven National Laboratory as they share materials and demonstrate new technology to showcase BNL’s science!

Saber Guild Endor Temple

These cosplayers are committed to the light side of the Force, appearing as Jedi at a variety of events. Endor Temple says it is Long Island’s local branch of Saber Guild, a Lucasfilm and Disney recognized costume and choreography group.

“Being part of Maker Faire is not only a fun day for everyone, but essential in expanding the horizons for kids,” said a Saber Guild member in an email interview with “We provide content for the kids, and adults alike, by using lightsaber training. We teach the kids listening skills, teamwork, and hand eye coordination, all while they are having fun! And for the tweens/teens/adults, we give them a snippet of what we teach in our weekly practices.”

Saber Guild as a whole is a non profit organization, and the chapter raises money for Cohen’s Children’s Medical Center.

“We do events like Maker Faire, library Star Wars days, even Scout events to raise money for our home charity,” their member said. last spotted them at Cradle-Con, where they helped raise over $500 for the center.

Elijah Horland: The Worst Game Controllers Ever, Part IV

Meet Elijah Horland from MythBusters Jr. on Discovery & the Science Channel. This year he brings his Kinsugi-Mailing-Hansen Writing Pumpkin, along with a few favorite projects. Ever see an “Egg-Mouse”? What is a “Play-and-Plug Console?” We will find out at the Long Island Maker Faire!

Elijah says that he “makes “fun, loud, obnoxious videos.” His journey to the Long Island Maker Faire is a tale of determination, creativity, and community. Despite not being an academic standout, Elijah found his passion in electronics and science projects, starting with a high-altitude balloon project when he was just 9. His interest in making things, from LED cubes to handmade video game consoles, led him to the Maker community. Through the support of the Maker community, Elijah was able to compete in various contests and even participated in “MythBusters Jr.” Elijah’s story is a testament to the impact of the Maker movement and the importance of finding and supporting one’s passions. In fact, when the NYC Maker Faire closed down, he helped start a new one in Coney Island! His journey, marked by creativity and perseverance, makes him a standout at the Long Island Maker Faire.

Long Island Maker Faire has been produced by the Long Island Explorium since 2015. The Faire will take place on Saturday, June 8th, from 10am to 5pm. Click here to buy tickets to Maker Faire Long Island and see all of the dozens of makers and guests scheduled to appear.

All photos courtesy of Long Island Maker Faire.