Action Figure Overload! Meet the Long Islander Whose Toy Collection is Taking Over TV

Long Island’s own Seth Buckley is set to showcase his extraordinary collection of vintage action figures on the nostalgic television series Collector’s Call on MeTV. Hosted by actress Lisa Whelchel, known for her role as Blair on the 70s sitcom The Facts of Life, the show explores the private collections of some of the nation’s most passionate collectors.

For over 30 years, Buckley has been assembling a museum-like collection, housed in a building on his property he affectionately calls “Toyland.” His collection boasts approximately 7,000 items, primarily vintage action figures from the 1970s and 1980s.

“My parents had the foresight to keep the ones that were most important to me,” Buckley said. “So I had them with me all my life.”

Starting in the early 1990s, Buckley frequented local conventions to hunt for rare and retro toys. Over time, his collection grew exponentially.

“Eventually it took over and it got out of control,” Buckley said with a laugh.

His acquisition strategy evolved with the advent of online marketplaces.

“Since 2000, eBay has been the main way to add to the collection,” he noted.

Buckley can’t even tell you how many he adds every year.

“That’s too hard to answer but it took me 30 years to get the number to 7,000,” he said.

If the math checks, that’s over 230 every year.

“I have honestly lost track of what’s in there,” he said. “I have a rough idea and it’s all stored in my brain. From what I know they’re all unique.”

Buckley’s collection, now a significant part of his life, includes both vintage and modern items that excite him.

“Vintage is the stuff I love the most though,” he admitted.

Toyland itself has a storied past.

“My grandfather had this house built in the 1950s,” Buckley explained. “He was a competitive powerlifter and built this shed as an exercise gym. I turned it into Toyland.”

Toyland is essentially a private museum, meticulously curated and densely packed with action figures and other collectibles.

“It looks like a store where nothing’s for sale,” Buckley said. “Less than 50 people have actually seen it.”

The collection’s presentation and condition impressed the producers of Collector’s Call.

“The volume and condition of his collection is top notch,” said show producer Mike Schmiedeler. “And the building where he has all of them displayed made this an unforgettable collection for Lisa [Whelchel] and our crew.”

On the show, Whelchel, along with professional appraisers and experts, evaluates collectibles and tempts collectors with trade offers. Did Buckley make the trade? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Buckley’s collection has previously been featured on television. In 2015, he appeared on season five of Kevin Smith’s Comic Book Men, where he sold a rare Mego Wolfman figure for $1,100.

While Buckley’s collection holds monetary value, it’s the nostalgia that makes it truly priceless to him. He plans to continue growing his collection until he retires, at which point he hopes to sell it off piece by piece.

“But first I have to stop buying and come to a place where I can let it go,” he said wistfully. “Once the people who have interest in it die off it becomes worthless. It’s gold for 30 years.”

Despite the challenges, Buckley’s passion for collecting remains strong.

“I own this massive collection but in a way it owns me,” he said.

Don’t miss the chance to see Seth Buckley’s incredible Toyland on Collector’s Call, airing June 23, 2024, on MeTV. Want to watch? Click here or tune to channel 687 on Optimum.