Four (Alleged) UFO Sightings on Long Island

There are some who are skeptical and there are some who want to believe. Whether you do or not, these (alleged) UFO encounters across Long Island are worth mentioning.

Southaven Park Extraterrestrial Incident

Did an otherworldly craft crash within the confines of Southaven Park during the early 1990s? Though purported photos and videos surfaced, no official inquiry followed. Curiously, the park shuttered shortly after the supposed UFO event, though officials attributed the closure to duck hunting rather than any alien involvement.

Encounter at Fire Island

The National UFO Reporting Center serves as a repository for tales of close encounters. In 2018, a group traversing from Davis Park to Watch Hill reported witnessing a luminous object descending from the heavens, engaging in a mesmerizing display before darting away after a brief interaction, leaving witnesses awe-struck.

July 4th Celestial Phenomenon

During a 2017 fireworks spectacle in Patchogue, spectators were astonished by the appearance of two unidentified flying objects. The aerial display persisted for over an hour, captivating onlookers until the mysterious objects gradually vanished from sight.

The Enigma of Mount Misery

In his book, “The Mothman Prophecies,” John A. Keel delves into the encounters of Long Island radio personality Jaye Paro, who purportedly witnessed UFOs at Mount Misery at West Hills Park in Huntington during the 1960s. The locale had garnered a reputation for supernatural occurrences prior to these events. Paro, along with others who claimed similar sightings, told about encounters with enigmatic figures clad in black suits, probing about their experiences. Paro courageously recounted her tale over the airwaves, subsequently enduring a barrage of unsettling and menacing phone calls.