HurriCon 2024: A Comic Con with Heart and History

In the world of Long Island’s geek culture (which is our bread and butter here at, a hidden gem shines brightly as an Infinity Stone: HurriCon. Scheduled for July 20th and November 23rd from 10 am to 5 pm at the Bethany Congregational Church on 100 Main Street in East Rockaway, this convention is not just about comics and art—it’s a celebration with a meaningful backstory.

HurriCon’s origins trace back to Hurricane Sandy, which struck East Rockaway with devastating force. David Donovan, a local resident, witnessed the aftermath firsthand and saw how his community rallied together.

“Homes were flooded, trees were uprooted, boats were thrown up on the mainland, and many residents were forced from their homes and lost everything,” Donovan said.

Bethany Congregational Church became a beacon of hope, hosting a relief center that provided essential aid to those in need. 

“Hundreds of people came to the Bethany Church during the following months, and the gym floor took a beating and had to be refurbished,” said Donoovan.

Out of this adversity emerged the idea for HurriCon—a comic art convention with a heart.

The driving force behind HurriCon goes beyond fandom; it’s about creating a welcoming space for all. Donovan reminisced about his early days attending comic book conventions in the 1970s, where he experienced a sense of belonging and acceptance.

“I encountered welcoming fans from all ethnicities and sexual orientations,” he said.

This inclusive spirit is at the core of HurriCon’s mission—to be a safe and welcoming haven for everyone, mirroring the ethos of the Bethany Congregational Church, which is “open and affirming.”

Supporting HurriCon means supporting the community. The Bethany Church has been a pillar of support since 1885, offering vital services such as Next Step Ministries, repairs for the surrounding community, a thrift store for low-income families, and contributions to local food pantries. All proceeds from HurriCon, including table fees, admission fees, food sales, and raffle sales, directly benefit the church’s ongoing mission to serve and uplift.

But what can attendees expect at HurriCon 2024?

A vibrant tapestry of comic books, writers, artists, toys, food, raffles for unique items, collectibles, cosplay, fellowship, and much more await. Previous guests like comic book professionals Keith Williams and Franco, Star Trek novelist Micheal Jan Friedman, and local artists including Tom Travers and Kimball Thorpe have come to HurriCon. The event’s raffle table has gained acclaim as “the best raffle table of any convention in Long Island” by Mark Torres of the podcast “It Came From The Radio.”

HurriCon isn’t just a convention; it’s a testament to resilience, community spirit, and the power of geek culture to unite and uplift. Save the dates and immerse yourself in a world where passion meets purpose at HurriCon 2024.

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Photo: David Donovan and Marvel artist Keith Williams. Hurricon Facebook page.

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