Can’t Find Eclipse Glasses? Here’s An Alternative: A Pinhole Eclipse Viewing Box

Eclipse glasses have been hard to find. The New York State visitor center on the LIE has been out of them for weeks and most libraries have given their all out as well. It’s eclipse day and you feel like you’re out of luck? Maybe not. You can make yourself a pinhole eclipse box with some simple household items.

“This is a way to view the sun without actually looking at the sun,” explained Astronomer Ryan Marciniak on this CBC news segment. You can view the full segment below that explains how to make one.


Below is a diagram of what the pinhole box looks like in action:

Simple Card Pinhole Projector

You can also make a simple projector to view the eclipse using just two pieces of cardboard or paper. The Science Museum of Oklahoma has an DIY page on how to make one (and the pinhole box viewer as well).

REMEMBER: Do not look directly at the sun during the eclipse (or any other time for that matter!)

Photo by Ryanniel Masucol.