Trek Long Island 2 Beams Into Hauppauge

The sequel to Trek Long Island might just go down among the great ones. The second act to one of Long Island’s only Star Trek conventions is officially part of a franchise. (The third annual Trek Long Island is already being planned making it a trilogy. You can grab early bird of prey tickets here.)

Read our interview with Trek Long Island founder, Stefanie Gangone here.

The feeling at Trek Long Island 2 could only be described as energized. People came dressed and ready for the Island’s only Star Trek con stacked to the saucer section with vendors, guest stars, authors and lots of cosplayers from every era of Trek imaginable.

Check out our video from Trek Long Island 2.:


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We found people who beamed in from near and far to converge on Trek Long Island 2. It was inclusive, diverse, cohesive, exciting, and most of all, fun.

Check out our interview with Gabrielle Ruiz, the voice of T’Lyn from Star Trek: Lower Deck here.

Live long and prosper, Trek Long Island! Scroll down to see our photos from Trek Long Island 2 on Saturday, June 1st.

Cover photo L to R: Tara Polen, NYC, Matt Harker, Philly, and Stephanie Strauss, NH.

NYC based drag queen who specializes in Star Trek drag. @Flippekikee
Walter Johnson, from Amityville.
Panels with Star Trek stars were a big part of Trek Long Island. Drawn Together: Lower Decks and Prodigy Spotlight – Gabrielle Ruiz (T’Lyn from Lower Decks) and Bonnie Gordon (the Protostar’s Computer on Prodigy) speak with members of The SyFy Sistas Podcast.
Nazia Jannat, NYC (@grammarnazia)
The SyFy Sistas: where science fiction meets Afrofuturism! @syfy.sistas
Erwin, 7, from Bellport, with his Starship Enterprise balloon art.
Packed house at the panels.
L to R: Lawrence Neals, (@geekliferules), Angelo Ortiz (@thisuptownguy), and Tara Jefferson (@the_realebonybeautynyc).
Patrick Kelly (FirstBoot), Lake Ronkonkoma, with his daughter Susan Kelly (@1919Susie_Exolansis), who are both artists.
Daniel Blander, Shirley.
Jen (@klingonpop), and Christine Shaw, from CT (@cshaw0918)
Christian Blochinger, Illustrator, comic book artist, and writer.

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