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Purpose of this website

The articles section of this website posts information about geek culture including but not limited to science fiction, movies, comics, shows, books, events, and games for people on Long Island. This website does not offer paid content or paid services and is entirely free. It is for entertainment and information purposes only.


The author of this website is a journalist, Lon Cohen. He is editor and publisher with many years of experience writing about these and many other topics, especially for Long Islanders.


The website itself does not use cookies to store information about users. No cookies are necessary for the users to interact with the website content. Third-party cookies by Google, controlled by Google AdSense service, can be collected for personalizing advertisements. These cookies are not directly related to the website functionality. These cookies can be used by Google LLC and its partners based on the visits of this website and other unrelated websites to serve personalized ads. Ads personal settings can be changed by the users at this link. Any ads placed on this website can be personalized according to the collected cookies from this or other websites. Further information and options about opting out the advertising cookies can be found at

Privacy and gathered information

The website does not contain any registration or login service and does not require any personal information from its visitors. Any user submitting a comment to this website agrees to the storage of the content of the comment, the inserted username, the time of the posting, and the IP address of the browsing device. IP address is stored in order to prevent spam and harmful bots posting unsuitable comments that might be disrespectful or suspicious. The IP address is not used for any other purposes and is stored in a secured database. The users can request removal of their posted comments at any time. No additional fingerprint information about the users is stored. The user location data is not analyzed or stored by this website.


Any advice, tips, and information published on this website are based on personal experience of the author. Following any advice present on this website is voluntary and at one’s own risk. The author assumes no responsibility for possible misinterpretation or harm caused by the information on this website. All the information on this website is posted with a good intention, observing generally accepted moral principles. This website does not contain any malicious software or malware.


All original materials on this website are the rights of the original owner and cannot be reprinted without permission. Sourcing, quoting, or referencing the articles on this website are allowed with proper attribution to the website and its author.

Published: 2024-04-24

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